A conventional way of setting up a Restroom or a Toilet cubicle or Toilet partition is brick wall or wet construction system. It comprises of a structure made from brick walls and tiles coupled with required hardware. On the other hand, a dry restroom system is a contemporary way of setting up a restroom, modern in design and looks by using Compact laminates and trendy hardware options.

In modern building construction given the speed of construction and the changing life style habits of the user, there are variety of materials which suit the current context of speed, safety, hygiene and cost.

The choice of system depends on the user and may vary from each user level experience.

Advantages of Dry Restroom System

  • Space saving giving flexibility and space management options.
  • Hygienic as it is well ventilated.
  • Fire, Water and Scratch resistant.
  • Enables speed in installation and faster project completion.
  • Available in attractive colours and hardware options.
  • Reduces Steel and cement content thereby reduces the load on the building.
  • Over all cost saving.
  • Pioneers modern building construction and management systems.

Disadvantages of Wet Restroom System

  • Wetness makes floor cleaning a difficult task.
  • Dirt and stains gets easily settled due to the surface.
  • Porous grout joints can easily absorb Bad smell leaving in its wake a bad odor.
  • Loss of space and poor space management.
  • No means of natural ventilation is available.
  • Tile designs often go out of production making replacements difficult.
  • Load of building is high.
  • High and daily maintenance
  • Labor intensive and needs minute detailing and supervision
  • Once built, cannot be modified without loss of materials and loss of money
  • Very time and labor intensive